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The Stock Market’s New Trend in Designer Buying

You Can Own a Piece of Art

Investments aren’t just for the rich and savvy anymore. You can deal in everything from blue chip stocks to works of art. Pooled funding is the way to go if you want to avoid being bored by your investing. It’s a great way to pick up new knowledge and expand your interests.

Can’t afford to buy a Picasso? Neither can I, but I could afford to buy a fraction of one. I’d have to go out and buy a print for my home-if I wanted one-but the financial investment would be the real thing. While seeing a picture online isn’t the same as seeing one in a museum, the choices would still be based on either your eye, or the artist’s name. Love Rembrandt? Invest in his work, then, and if your interest will grow not only in him, but also in all art and artists. We pay attention to things that we’re involved in.


Art not your thing? What about wines? Don’t just drink them. Invest in their future. Think this is just for connoisseurs? Your guess in the market is as good as most. True experts are not that easy to find, and wine demands are like anything else; there are trends. This holds true for the small brewers, too. And again, your interest will grow, simply because you’re now a part of the network.

Sports investments are the latest thing. All you sports fanatics out there, are you ready to put your money where your mouths are? You can invest in trading shares of your favorite athlete. Players earn dividends based on their stats. There are cash prizes offered, too. This seems more like a game than a serious investment, but like all games, there’s a lot of skill involved. Luck, too, as injuries change the odds, and teams don’t always live up to a single player. And like the rest of the stock market, it’s a gamble.

Gold’s an old reliable, of course, and is back in the game lately. If you were interested in that type of thing, it would pay to look into other minerals, even gemstones. The nice thing about the newest gold trading trend is that you can buy and sell through an ETF, so that you don’t have to hoard or move the gold. The trading is done on daily values, and you buy and sell that way. What you get is paper money, though, so if you like the concepts of letting gold nuggets run through your fingers, this isn’t the thing for you.

If you have the extra money, don’t limit your interests to stocks and bonds that are simply numbers to you. Be adventurous. Find something new–or a little zany, or something that you’re interested in–to invest in.

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