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Is the Stock Market a Gold Mine or Suicide?

Let there be a bull run.

People think that the stock market is a gold mine, everyone is making millions and it is the easiest way to earn. People become hopeful of eking out livings from the stock market. Investors who have been the beneficiaries of blue chips handed down generations look smug and complacent, first time investors who have seen successes are hopeful that they would also be as rich as these fortunate counterparts and new entrants are in a hurry to enter the market in a big way because they regret having missed the bus. ‘Wow! Everyone is looking at the papers.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry is aware of the market; every one seems to be making money. I would find it even easier. This woul

d be the attitude of many with money to spare.


They hear success stories, narrations of unbelievable striking of treasures in the market and venture into it. “Robert has made a few thousands, if he can do it with an investment of just fifty thousand how much can I make? To me fifty thousand is less than the earnings of a month. What a fantastic way to earn!

There is our second friend who has four daughters to be married…. The sources for the marriage expenditure have to come from the Heavens. .He has to ‘earn’ from the market. He has no other choice.

These two are only representatives of the vast majority of human beings who get attracted to a stock market which is blooming in its boom.

Beginners buy books but forget to read the disclaimers. They listen to tips but few tips tip the scale… “Technical ‘has nothing to do with engineering, polytechnic or technology. This is movement in the market and every one becomes an expert.

Then starts the correction – negative news pours in – all these technical analyses go for a toss. Markets seemed to have no tops at all; Now they seem to have no bottom at all. New christenings like ‘Black Monday,’ ‘Troubled Tuesday’ ‘Woeful Wednesday’, , ‘Tired Thursday’ ‘Fathomless Friday’ are all seen on the papers.. Family silver is now sacrificed to save loss of face. ‘What a market! Stock market is the proverbial pied piper luring us children by the magic flute.”

Whose fault is it? Market has no will of its own. Unfortunately, these people forget that the stock market is not a business proposition; it is a longterm growth strategy. It is not a gambling den. It is a participation in the economy of the country This is not a place where you can double your money in a minute, keep doubling your money in the next minute and multi plying it in subsequent hours and days and months but a field ,a study, a research ,a long process of learning that calls for patience, perseverance, equanimity of mind and skill .Success is assured!

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