How to Trade Stocks – Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Forex trading

Fundamental Analysis – Looks at a company’s story, industry, and sector; market potential; competitive position; balance sheet; profit and loss statement; sales and earnings growth; return on equity; debt structure; dividend yield, etc. in order to determine the company’s “fair” value and appreciation potential. The most widely used yardsticks are: …

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How to Trade Stocks – Choosing a Broker


Brokerage Account The only thing you need to start trading online is a brokerage account. There are plenty of online brokers to choose from. They come and go regularly; these have been around for awhile: Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade. Most online brokers offer basic brokerage accounts, trading platforms for …

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Predicting Daily Stock Market Direction


It’s really quite simple to predict the daily stock market direction. First you need to practice and then, to understand that all predictions aren’t necessarily right. So be prepared to get it wrong occasionally. Don’t place all your money on the one trade and only trade for the next day, …

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