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Cash when climate change


You saved your money and accumulated a surplus. You’ve read a few books about the investment and has gathered the basics – the importance of diversification, long-term investment and buying and holding rather than trying to beat the market. But also be aware that human-induced climate change (if not already) …

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Invest in Creativity, and in The Greater Good


LORRIE MEYERCORD wants his portfolio to consist entirely of investments aimed at making social good, gaining a return. But besides the established categories such as the environment, clean energy, and organizations that benefit from women and girls, it has invested in arts and creativity. And he hopes that others will …

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Stock trading stocks represent their own risks


For people who are in retirement or retirement, the standard investment advice has long been to gradually unload stocks and take care of obligations as you get older. The idea is to reduce the downside risk of the stock market in order to eliminate much of your portfolio when you …

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Ways to win in a bull market


In a bull market (the current has reached its eighth birthday in March), mutual fund managers can find many ways to win. In the second quarter, three of the top performing equity funds scored with such diverse choices as known technology companies, micro-capitalization stocks and Asian innovators. Fidelity OTC Portfolio …

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Tech Stocks Boom, but some breeders are cautious


Technology stocks had another hot season last month, capped by Amazon’s surprising decision to buy Whole Foods for $ 13.4 billion. And, as with many of the stock-breaking companies these days, the portfolio managers of Parnassus Investments, a mutual fund company that invests primarily in large US companies, have come …

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Stock Market Performance and Political Parties


The two political parties in the United States differ markedly in their views about economic policy. This has led many within the financial services industry to think that if one of the parties is in power, that the economy and particularly the stock market will perform better. I examined this …

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Tips to Succeed in Today’s Stock Markets


Stock Investing is not as simple as one would predict it to be. Only having requisite cash for spending doesn’t help the cause. With the cash you should also possess an analytical mind that have the ability to take calculated risks that could be paid of. Stock investing has dual …

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The Stock Market and Alternative Energy

Are We Going to Do Anything to Get Our Technologies into the New Millenium? Wake Up America, Please! This is a critical time for financing alternative energy. We can keep gasoline prices affordable by investing in solar energy. An electric car, good enough for local commuters, can be plugged into …

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