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Buy Stocks of Companies You Believe In


People make stock market investing out to being something much more complicated than it is. One simple way to make investing as cut and dry as can be is to think of it as shopping. Investing is shopping. What are the products you use around your home? Your car? Your …

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Trading Stocks – the Trend is Your Friend


Making money in the stock market has never been easier. The days when you had to phone your orders in are long gone and only the real dinosaurs can still remember them. Nowadays, trading takes place almost exclusively on the Internet through the growing number of online brokerages. It takes …

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Trading Stock Option Volatility


How to Increase Your Chances of Profiting from Market Swings Ever wonder how people make money in stock options irrelevant of the move of the underlying stock? Volatility is the answer. This is the overall market’s impression of where the stock may be going. But it doesn’t matter which way …

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Vulture Capitalism in Trading Stocks


Everyone knows about Venture Capitalists. Well, when it comes to trading stocks in my Fidelity IRA, I am a “Vulture Capitalist.” When a stock takes a nosedive for some reason, I “swoop down ” and snap some of it up. There are various hazards associated with this strategy: 1) The …

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Stock Trading: Using the Stop-Loss Order


How the “Stop” Can Make You Rich Every trader wants to make massive gains on every trade they make. We’ve all heard the clichéd advice of buy low and sell high. Of course, every trader wants to make money. Otherwise why do it? But sometimes losing money on a trade …

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The Business of Day Trading Stock Picks


The business of day trading stock pick is a very fast and furious adventure to be involved in. Day traders buy and sell stocks in a matter of minutes and sometimes seconds. They never keep a stock for more than twenty four hours because of the losses that could potentially …

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