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Five Steps to Learning the Stock Market

The stock market is a very important part of the United States and the Global Economies. While some people believe that the stock market is too complicated to understand and that only the local stockbroker or a financial advisor should know the way things work, it really is a great …

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Stock Market Tips for Day Trading Using Technical Analysis

Using the MACD One of the most commonly used indicators in the technical analysis of financial instruments is the MACD, which stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence. Like other indicators, there are many ways to interpret the MACD in order to create forecasts and signals to trade different financial instruments. …

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How to Trade Stocks – Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Fundamental Analysis – Looks at a company’s story, industry, and sector; market potential; competitive position; balance sheet; profit and loss statement; sales and earnings growth; return on equity; debt structure; dividend yield, etc. in order to determine the company’s “fair” value and appreciation potential. The most widely used yardsticks are: …

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