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The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards


Why Credit Cards Aren’t For Everyone For at least the last twenty years, credit has become part of the American way of life. Many, many people have credit cards and sadly the average credit card debt is astronomical. It is important to remember that credit isn’t a bad thing, its …

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The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards


I have had one credit card in my life time and at this moment; I don’t intend to have another one ever. My mind may change in the future but I am convinced that credit cards are not for me. When I was tricked, okay maybe the correct term is …

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Pay Off Credit Card Debt


Have you dug your way into credit card debt? Do you want to dig your way out but don’t know where to begin? You won’t gain anything by waiting. You need to come up with a plan and start right away, or things will only get worse. Credit card payments …

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How I’m Shrinking Credit Card Debt


Having excessive credit card debt is a heavy burden on the shoulders of any person. I have personally been up to my neck in plastic debt, and was steadily digging my hole deeper. At the age of eighteen, I applied for my first credit card, not heeding the advice from …

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How to Fix Credit Card Errors


Everybody makes mistakes and errors from time to time, even the credit card companies. When it concerns your accounts, doesn’t it seem like the credit card companies make more than their fair share of mistakes? And to make matters worse, doesn’t it appear that they do not like to fix …

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How to Trade Stocks – Choosing a Broker


Brokerage Account The only thing you need to start trading online is a brokerage account. There are plenty of online brokers to choose from. They come and go regularly; these have been around for awhile: Charles Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade. Most online brokers offer basic brokerage accounts, trading platforms for …

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Is Now the Time to Buy Stocks?


When the economy is in recession, the stock market goes down. Quite frequently, it does not start to drop until the recession has begun, but usually it rebounds significantly before the recession ends. However, we do not always know when a recession begins until much later: the start date of …

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How to Buy Stock Options


What are Stock Options? A stock option is: the right, but not the obligation, to buy a stock at a certain agreed upon price known as the “strike price”. What does this mean? Let’s say the price of Apple (AAPL) shares are currently going for $340 each. You expect it …

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How to Buy Stocks


The Complete Guide on How to Buy and Sell Stocks Buying and selling stocks can be rewardable, yet risky as the Stock Market could crash at any time, for any reason. So I am going to break it down for you in seven simple steps. STEP 1: Educate Yourself You …

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