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Stock Trading Simplified


Trading in the stock exchange is not a simple matter as mentioned above as it requires a lot of time, knowledge and skills. But it can definitely be simplified when trading is conducted in a smart and strategic manner. The most important things that you must do in order to …

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Trading Stocks – the Trend is Your Friend


Making money in the stock market has never been easier. The days when you had to phone your orders in are long gone and only the real dinosaurs can still remember them. Nowadays, trading takes place almost exclusively on the Internet through the growing number of online brokerages. It takes …

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Trading Stocks – Let Your Profits Run


What’s the best way to make tons of money in stocks? Why, it’s letting your profits run, of course. Every child knows that. Yes, this is obvious enough for virtually everyone who dabbles in the stock market and even total onlookers, but not always applied as often as it should …

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Trading Stock Option Volatility


How to Increase Your Chances of Profiting from Market Swings Ever wonder how people make money in stock options irrelevant of the move of the underlying stock? Volatility is the answer. This is the overall market’s impression of where the stock may be going. But it doesn’t matter which way …

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Vulture Capitalism in Trading Stocks


Everyone knows about Venture Capitalists. Well, when it comes to trading stocks in my Fidelity IRA, I am a “Vulture Capitalist.” When a stock takes a nosedive for some reason, I “swoop down ” and snap some of it up. There are various hazards associated with this strategy: 1) The …

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