After achieving two victories against Metz and Nantes, Monaco defeated Strasbourg again with a score of 3:2, winning the third victory of the season. At the post-match press conference, Kovac accepted an interview from the media. (The following Q is the question, K is Kovac)

在与梅斯和南特取得两bobo体育网站次胜利之后,摩纳哥以3:2的比分再次击败斯特拉斯堡,赢得了本赛季的第三场胜利。在赛后新闻发布会上,科瓦奇接受了媒体的采访。 (以下Q是问题,K是科瓦奇)

Q: Nico, your player performed very bravely today..


K: They are all heroes! We finished this difficult game and won, all thanks to the strong spirit of the players. As you said in French, I can say to them'Chapeau' (French adjective, expressing affirmation and approval of someone or something)

克:他们都是英雄!我们完成了这场艰难的比赛并获得了胜利,这要归功于玩家的坚强精神。正如您用法语所说,我可以对他们说“ Chapeau”(法语形容词,表示对某人或某事的肯定和认可)

Q: Are you satisfied with winning the game in this special way?


K: No, at the cost of two red cards, we will be short of two main players in the next game. I don't like this. But we are still in a state of learning, and it is normal to make mistakes occasionally. We will try our best to correct these mistakes and continue to improve.


Q: Can we say that this is a victory won by unity?


K: Of course, this is a game that can only be won by unity, and I told my players the same way! When they work hard and train hard throughout the week, they can achieve good results in weekend games.


Q: Today, after being sent off in the second half, you replaced two young teenagers...


K: Our bench players are very young, the biggest player is Gerson Martins (25 years old). However, these young people sit there because they are capable and competent. I took a good opportunity to put them on the court, and they performed well, I am proud of them!

K:我们的替补球员还很年轻,最大的球员是Gerson Martins(25岁)。但是,这些年轻人坐在那里是因为他们有能力和称职。我抓住了一个很好的机会将他们带到球场上,他们表现出色,我为他们感到骄傲!

Q: How do you evaluate Ben Yader's performance in this game?


K: Wissant (Ben Yedr) is a world-class shooter. His performance is amazing. I am proud of his two goals, and I am also proud of Kevin (Flanders) and Jovic very happy. This shows our tactical style, so that the opponent will not focus on him alone. Congratulations to everyone on our team.


Q: What kind of player do you think Jovich is?


K: He is a high-quality player, he has his own style, and the touch of the ball is extraordinary. Especially when the opponent kept pressing on us, he made a lot of efforts to find a balance between offensive and defensive ends. His defense is also very good today. I am very happy for him from the bottom of my heart.


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