Tiger Fight, September 30 The NBA officially held the Finals Media Day event today. Lakers forward LeBron James was interviewed.


When asked whether it is of special significance to win a championship against the Heat, James said: "Absolutely not. No matter who you are facing against, winning the championship has no additional meaning. To be able to come to this position, to be able to enter the finals has been It’s hard enough. If you can become the winner of the finals, it doesn’t matter who your opponent is. I’m just happy to be here and have this opportunity to represent not only myself, but also our fans. Our team, my teammates, our coaching staff, training team, and many other people who represent this team have the utmost respect."


When asked what Heat President Pat Riley meant to him, James said: "When you hear Pat Riley's name, you will think that he is one of the greatest minds ever in the sport. , He has won at every level. Two days ago, I also looked at a stat, he had participated in a championship team spanning 40 years. Without him, the game would be different. He is a good guy, a very good guy. A great motivator, someone who knows what it takes to win, and he has shown this for more than 40 years."


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