In the early morning of October 15th, Beijing time, the European League matches continued. European teams sprinted to compete for the qualifying spot. Poland defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina 3-0, and the leading striker Lewand shot one pass; Zahawi performed a hat trick and Israel continued. Triggered three goals to reverse Slovakia 3-2.


Only 14 minutes into the game, Ahmed Hodgich was red and Bosnia and Herzegovina played one less. In the 40th minute, Lewand scored a goal in the penalty area, Poland 1-0.

比赛进行仅14分钟,艾哈迈德·霍奇奇(Ahmed Hodgich)变红了,波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那少了一场比赛。在第40分钟,勒万德在禁区波兰射门得分1-0。

In the 45th minute, Lewanditch made a pass and Linetti headed to expand the score.


In the 52nd minute, Klich accurately picked a pass and Lewand shot to seal the victory.


This game can be called Zahavi's solo show. In the 16th minute, Hamsik scored a long-range free kick. The goalkeeper made some mistakes and the ball went straight into the net. Then Mark expanded the score and Slovakia entered the second half with a two-goal advantage.


In the 68th minute, Zahavi took a corner kick from his teammate and headed for the top, 1-2.


In the 76th minute, Zahavi grabbed a point in front of the goal to tie the score.


In the 89th minute, Zahavi dribbled the ball in front of the top of the penalty area and opened the angle. He shot World Wave with his right foot and scored the goal to help Israel pull three goals in a row to complete the reversal.

在第89分钟,扎哈维在禁区顶部运球,将球开出。他用右脚射出World Wave,射入进球,帮助以色列连续拉入3个球以完成逆转。

In the 21st minute, Milinkovic made a head-on. In the 49th minute, Mitrovic scored a shot and Serbia led 2-0.


In the 56th minute, Charhanoglu and his teammates pierced the opponent's defense with a 2 over 1, and then hit the goalkeeper wicket. In the 76th minute, Chaqiu Wang also assisted Tufan to tie the score.


Norway completely suppressed Northern Ireland at home, but the offensive conversion rate was not satisfactory. Erdgau took a corner kick in the 67th minute, and Dallas used a difficult move to header himself.


The goal did not appear until the 85th minute, and Jonathan Williams played a lore off the bench to help Wales win.

直到第85分钟,球门才出现,乔纳森·威廉姆斯(Jonathan Williams)在替补席上扮演了绝杀,以帮助威尔士获胜。

In the 75th minute, Baumgartner assisted Shepf to score the winning goal, helping Austria to win three consecutive victories in all competitions.


Only 6 minutes into the game, Ryan Fraser scored in a flash to help Scotland take the lead. After the game, Scotland led by 10 points, 4 points ahead of second place Czech Republic.

比赛进行仅6分钟,Ryan Fraser瞬间进球帮助bobo体育直播苏格兰取得领先。赛后,苏格兰领先10分,领先第二名捷克共和国4分。

The two teams had offensive and defensive each other, but only one shot in the field, the two teams finally shook hands and made a draw.


Lithuania had only one shot in the game, Albania had the advantage on the field, but it did not turn into a goal, and the two teams turned in a goalless draw.


Loveridge opened the record for the visiting team in the 8th minute, and Vukic scored in the 37th, 42nd and 55th minutes, respectively, and staged a hat trick.


The best scoring opportunity of the two teams came in the 19th minute, but Bacasitas did not take a penalty kick. Greece finally drew an overwhelming advantage with Kosovo.


In the 36th minute, Yabronski broke the deadlock, Yuzepchuk sealed the victory in stoppage time and Belarus won 2-0.


In the 67th minute, North Macedonia goalkeeper Dimitlevsky left the field in red. In the 74th minute, Kvaratskhelia scored for the visiting team. In stoppage time, Alioski's penalty kick counted to equalize, allowing North Macedonia to avoid a home defeat.


In the 8th minute, Hof Hannisliang got a header in the penalty area and Armenia led 1-0. After 5 minutes, Sapinen fought the ball in front of the goal, and the two teams finally drew 1-1.

第8分钟,霍夫·汉尼斯良(Hof Hannisliang)在禁区获得头球,亚美尼亚1-0领先。 5分钟后,萨皮宁在球门前将球扑出,两队最终以1-1战胜。

Jensen scored the only goal of the game. After the game, Finland was still 1 point behind Wales and continued to rank second in the group.


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