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   With the Nantong Zhiyun 2:1 lore to Sichuan You must choose, the first stage of the first stage of the 9th round of the game ended. With only the last round left in the first stage, three teams have already locked up seats in the super group, and the other three seats can only be determined after the closing round. At present, there are still 6 teams have the opportunity to enter the Super Group.


   ■New Express reporter Wang Di




   After 9 rounds, Chengdu Xingcheng, Meizhou Hakka and Changchun Yatai have all secured a place in the Super Group. The Chengdu team has been advancing all the way since the start of the game, and the 5-game winning streak allowed the team to establish its lead in Group A early. Although they lost to Beijing Renhe 2:3 in the 6th round, they won a small victory over Beijing Beiti University 1:0 and a 0:0 draw with Taizhou Yuanda in the next two rounds. After defeating Suzhou Soochow 1-0 in the 9th round, Chengdu also secured the group's first place one round ahead of schedule.


  Meizhou in Group B is similar to Chengdu. After 9 rounds, Meizhou remained undefeated. In the match against major competitors Zhejiang Greentown and Guizhou Hengfeng, the Meizhou team did not fall behind. After Lectra Jiangxi Liansheng 3:2, the Meizhou team basically locked the right to qualify. However, Meizhou still needs 1 point to ensure the first place in Group B, and their final opponent is Shaanxi, which is still working on qualifying for the group.


   In Group C, Yatai's performance was slightly ups and downs. After the start of the two-game winning streak, he suffered two more rounds of invincibility and was tied and defeated by direct competitors. After being tied 1:1 by Heilongjiang FC in the 6th round, Yatai resolutely adopted a coaching change. Subsequently, Yatai qualified ahead of schedule with a wave of three consecutive victories. It is worth mentioning that among the three teams that qualified in advance, only Yatai was promoted as the "visiting team", and Chengdu and Meizhou both played at home. Throughout this season's China League One, the "home court" teams have a chance to enter the super group in the second stage, including Kunshan FC in the Changzhou Division and Nantong Zhiyun.



At present, there are still 6 teams that have the opportunity to join the super group. These 6 teams are: Beijinger in Chengdu (16 points), Taizhou Yuanda (15 points); Zhejiang Greentown in Meizhou (16 points) , Chang'an, Shaanxi (15 points); Kunshan FC in Changzhou (15 points) and Nantong Zhiyun (15 points).


   The top-ranked teams undoubtedly have more initiative to qualify. In the final round, the people of Group A and Taizhou will have a direct dialogue, the winner will qualify, and if there is a tie, the people will advance. In other words, Renhe only needs to maintain peace, and Taizhou must win. In the first round of the confrontation between the two sides, Taizhou had a small victory 1:0, but it is not known whether Taizhou can withstand the pressure at the critical moment.


   Among the teams that failed to qualify early, the most regrettable is Greentown in Group B. For Greentown, as long as they beat Shaanxi in the 8th round, the team will be able to qualify 2 rounds earlier. Unfortunately, Greentown lost 0:1 in the 8th round. In terms of points, Greentown is 1 point more than Shaanxi, but considering the battle record of the two sides, Greentown is actually only half a point more than Shaanxi. If Greentown loses in the final game and Shaanxi draws Meizhou, then Shaanxi will qualify.


   In Group C, Kunshan, who was originally the leader, has recently been in a downturn, losing to Heilongjiang and Yatai successively. Fortunately, the win-loss relationship is better than Nantong, so as long as the Xinjiang team is defeated in the last round, Kunshan will be able to join the super group. On the other hand, Nantong not only has to win, but also depends on Kunshan to continue to drop the chain to hit the line and counterattack.


   Entering the super group, not only means that there is a chance to upgrade, but also means that you can be sure to participate in the FA Cup. According to the rules of this year's Football Association Cup, the top 8 of the Chinese A can participate. In addition to the 6 teams in the super group, there are two top players in the relegation group.


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