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I've been a stock traders and analyst for 8 years. Please comment below to interact with me. Cheers!

Top 6 Stock Market Price Indexes

Common stock is the ownership instrument of American corporations. Holders of common stock are risk taking investors who share in the profits of dividends are paid. Below are the top 6 stock market price indexes: New York Stock Exchange Composite Index This index covers prices of the over 2,000 companies …

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Can the Stock Market Rally Survive?

Financial commentators seem to view the current strength in the market as a “surprising rally.” This may be because September is the weakest month on a historical basis but is probably more likely due to their having previously been too gloomy. For whatever reason, rallies tend to breed additional strength …

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Stock Market Shot Dead at Fox News Headquarters

Confusing and Contradictory Information Surfaces Surrounding Shooting Incident During a college frat party in late 2010 a group of business majors wondered if the stock market were a person how would that person look and act. What had started the conversation was each of them had often heard the stock …

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Our National” Casinos-the Stock Market

“There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute!” Investment banking in this country led to one of the worst economic crises since the Stock Market crash of 1929 because of greed. Bundling of strong and weak mortgages to sell them to others was simply a sly way of dumping what they knew …

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Getting Started with Stock Market Investing

For those who want to make a little more money but don’t have the energy to take up another job, there is an alternative that must be considered – the stock market. Before you begin, however, you must be aware of the many misconceptions that abound about the stock market. …

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