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Evaluate Pimco, after Bill Gross

Pimco’s EVENTS this year looked like a soap opera, but at this point the show is creating a real headache for retirement savers. Pimco’s Total Return Bond Fund, managed by William H. Gross since its inception in 1987 with its brutal resignation last month, is the most widespread bond fund …

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In emerging bonds, political risk is a constant

WHEN in Argentina the sovereign debt was in July, investors seemed to be discouraged. Money continued to flow into mutual funds and traded funds, investing in emerging market bonds, as is the case for most of the last five years. In fact, many investors are making room in their portfolios …

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Banking customers can be deactivated fraudulently

A federal consumer watchdog is stepping up surveillance of screening activities that banks use to decide who opens a checking account, with one eye to eliminate barriers that some Customers will face. Most banks use special consumer data services, such as ChexSystems, to evaluate applicants for account checks. Services that …

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